DO YOU TELL YOUR CHILD? hoW & WHEN do you tell them?

There are discussions about telling your child they have autism or a learning disability or a developmental disorder. Your consideration on this does not have to be challenge specific. In the end, it is probably true that 'honesty is the best policy'. Having said that, when do you have this discussion? Ultimately there is no 'right' answer. It will all depend on the child, the challenge and the conditions. In the meantime, here are some discussions on the matter.

I am a large fan of Rick Lavoie. He has a common sense way of dealing with these issues.                 This child-friendly video

This LDOnline article by him                                                                                                                  can be  very helpful    


 In another take on this topic, a mother talks about discussing the matter with her son:

Here is an interesting article on talking to a child about their autism - but really it can apply to any learning challenge

Stephen Shore long been a spokesman in the Autism Community. He has shared his experiences as an Asperger Adult (and about his childhood with many). He has written a marvelous book entitled --  'Beyond the Wall'.  He maintains an interesting website:

Here are the thoughts of Stephen Shore on this topic:

For more discussions on this topic, here are some links:


In the meantime...........

Need a laugh break?

Take a look at this - on the Lighter Side of Special Ed:

If you have ever been frustrated dealing with a school, you will find this video clip VERY FUNNY - so, take a laugh break (you deserve it)