Assistive Technology:

Assistive Technology (or 'AT') can be low tech or high tech. It can be anything from a pencil grip to a sophisticated computer program. There is a lot out there. Hopefully these sources can be of help

First - Here Is a Helpful Overview:

Here is another instructive article about how AT can help our children

Then - What rights do you have when it comes to asking for or using 'AT'?

Go to -

Finally - What programs and products are out there to help?
Here is a great site to bring you into the world of 'AT'

Another compilation of effective AT

Special Ed 'Apps:

'Yup, they're out there - ConnSense (Connecticut Special Education Network for Software Evaluation) has a link to a compilation of Special Education 'Apps' for Ipods and Ipads. Many of these are great to have with you in the car so that your child can spend travel time productively

Try this out - 'Apps for kids with Special Needs' - a whole collection of special 'apps' to help our kids !!!


ADDitude Magazine's 'Top 30 Apps for Kids with ADHD'

Here is another webpage with some helpful links for Kids with special needs or LD's:

Assistive technology & Apps