I am the father of a child who faces challenges while our family has attempted to navigate through the system.

We have  known first hand what it is like. I have dedicated myself to help others get through this.

Organizations & Affiliations (past/present):

  • President, Connecticut Association of Children/Parents with Learning Disabilities (CACLD)
  • National Secretary, Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD)
  • Exec. Comm. NorwalkSPEDPartners
  • Member, Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA)
  • Member, Connecticut Autism Action Coalition
  • Founder, Connecticut SPED Coalition
  • Served, Connecticut Behavioral Health Advisory Commission (CBHAC)
  • Initiated Governor's annual ADHD Awareness Proclamation in Connecticut
  • Organizer annual Norwalk 'Light It Up Blue' Autism Awareness Campaign
  • Founder, Association of Parents of Exceptional Children and Siblings (APECSct)

It is my belief that this quest for information  must be your 'mission'. You must hear this clarion call. Dr. Larry Silver addressed this call to action quite well in his book "The Misunderstood Child" when he addressed this moral duty that we as conscientious parents must fulfill:

    "The point is that as soon as you recognize your situation, you must do everything in your power to become an informed consumer and an assertive advocate for your child or adolescent.  No one and no single agency - not your family physician, your child's teacher, the school, or anyone else - is as vitally concerned as you are, or as informed as you can and must be.
     "A child or adolescent with learning disabilities and possibly ADHD confronts a series of Herculean tasks laid out over a long, long course.  But the rewards are virtually certain: Your daughter or son can improve, can learn to learn, and can grow toward becoming a normal, happy adult.  That success depends on you - on your action, assertion, perseverance, and advocacy.  The task of getting help for your child or adolescent may be smaller than the task that is facing your son or daughter, but it is compelling and immediate.  It will take all of the strength and determination you have and more.  It will baffle and frustrate you, but it will eventually bring reward.
     "The task, however, is inescapable, imminent, and, above all, ultimately yours alone".

So, that is how I look at it - no less than a moral imperative and duty. You must become as informed and knowledgeable as you can be in order to be the advocate that your child needs. 

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As a parent of a child facing challenges I have come to realize that our self-education and increased awareness of our child’s special circumstances and the process that we have to work within are the keys to ensuring that our children receive the appropriate education and emotional supports that they need and to which they are entitled. I know what it is like to be searching for answers only to be held back by not knowing which way to turn for them.

Toward that end, I have attempted to create a portal of information that might be useful to other parents as they begin this search. They must understand that beyond this website there are many other resources for them to increase their understanding and knowledge of special education laws as they pertain to their child’s needs. These will come in the form of specialized websites, books, magazines, workshops, and informational sessions. They should consider joining specialized organizations in order to keep up to date on their specific areas of interest. In addition, one of the most valuable resources would be the parents of other ‘exceptional children’ such as your own. You will find that there is a special kinship among these parents – many of whom have travelled the very path you are on now. Most of these parents are quite willing to share their experiences and knowledge. In the meantime, I am pleased to offer you this tiny first step and wish you luck on your journey.

To Help Children Get the Services and Support They Need


The Association of Parents of Exceptional Children and Siblings was founded in 2009 by a parent for parents. At that time the Districts were reluctant to, and even refused to, provide families with information and support.

It was and always has been our goal to bring information to parents, students and families to provide them with the knowledge that they need to get the services that they require and deserve.

The information provided here is just a building block helping you to construct your strategy. We hope that you will find this useful and helpful.

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