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ADHD Videos:
Don't feel like reading?  Here are some really cool videos that explain a lot - -



                                                A basic review of ADHD -                       Living with ADHD -- a BBC Documentary        A lecture series from 'Down Under' - g'day - 

Comparing ADHD Treatments:

Here it is !! The
Consumer Reports Review of ADHD Treatment options - 

AND - the
Consumer Reports review of ADHD medication -


Share these with a Teacher: 

 This US Department of Education link will bring you to 2 Useful Publications:

  • "Identifying and Treating ADHD: A Resource for School and Home"; and
  • "Teaching Children with ADHD: Instructional Strategies and Practices"

Connecticut formed a Task Force to study ADHD - here is the report.

(It could be helpful in working with the school district since this is a State sponsored report)

How the Brain Works:

It all comes back to this.  I like to know the how's and why's of the way things work. It helps me to understand why something happens - not just that it happened. This enables me to cope and compensate better. So, for those who like to 'get under the hood' (or scalp), here is a really good video series on how the brain works

'The Brain and Its Chemicals'

Or this one:

'How Does the Brain Work?'


Did we get your attention? Here are some sites that let you examine the human brain and our attention function