When you first come to believe that your child is facing a number of challenges- different than those of his peers- you may feel empty, alone, confused and a bit afraid. You will find yourself looking for answers and not knowing which way to go or where to look for them.  You need to learn how important and essential it is that you become as knowledgeable as you can about all aspects of your child's world - academic, social, legal, medical, etc. Unfortunately, while the questions are plentiful - the answers are harder to find.
First Steps: There are really two areas that you must simultaneously become familiar with - (1) your child's area of Challenges and (2) the Process through which you must learn to navigate. You really must get to know the ins and outs of your child's challenges while simultaneously getting to know the law and the system because you are going to have to work with both to address your child's needs. You must also consider when and how to discuss these matters with your child.

It is my goal to try to provide you with a site where you might turn as a starting point as you seek out this knowledge. GOOD LUCK

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Its not a disability. Its a different ability.

Association of Parents of Exceptional Children and Siblings CT.


The process --Next, you must get to know the process through which you must navigate. This entails knowing the Law, the System, and (maybe most importantly) the Personalities that you have to deal with.


The Challenges -- First, you must learn all that you can about the challenge or the challenges that your child is facing. In this regard speaking with other parents like you and participation in a parents' group is invaluable.


Telling Your Child -- This is all new to you and a bit (or more) confusing. How do you think it is for your child? What should you tell them? How? And When?.